Smart people with a passion

When you hire Renavatio, what you get is people-smart, passionate people. We have deep experience on a wide variety of global and domestic specialty brands, including extensive launch experience. We also have extensive client-side experience that spans the commercialization continuum—from preclinical discovery, clinical development, and regulatory to new product development, marketing, training, and sales management.

Renavatio Healthcare Communications is led by two highly accomplished principals, Sheila Gerus and Larry Iaquinto. They are surrounded by a group of seasoned professionals who share their passion for intelligent solutions, dynamic creativity, and the business of building successful specialty healthcare brands.

Sheila Gerus

PRINCIPAL, BRAND STRATEGIST | Typically, brand development is viewed as an important step in the commercialization process. Sheila Gerus has a different view. She sees it as an essential aspect of the process itself. Out of this view, more integral, competitive brands are possible. Out of this view, Renavatio was born.

Sheila’s vision developed from her firsthand experience as a high-level brand strategist. At her former agency, she served as Chief Strategy Officer and was primarily responsible for the ideation, development, and execution of marketing and promotion best practices. She led several teams that launched global brands for major pharmaceutical companies and provided strategic consultation in the areas of oncology, transplantation, autoimmune disease, dermatology, and gene therapy.

Sheila’s academic background in pharmacy and business, as well as her diverse client-side work experience, ranging from regulatory affairs, new product development, postpatent defense, sales, and strategic planning, give her the tools to realize her vision—to deliver a better brand-building perspective for specialty brands at any stage of their journey.

Larry Iaquinto

PRINCIPAL, BRAND STRATEGIST | Ask Larry what the business of building specialty brands comes down to, and he won’t miss a beat. He’ll tell you it’s about accelerating the exchange of your product for money. That is his clear and unwavering focus.

Larry’s perspective may be the result of having worn so many different hats over time. Larry started at G.D. Searle Pharmaceuticals, where he held various sales, marketing, and managed care positions. Then he moved to the agency side to head up strategic marketing at a rapidly expanding agency in Chicago, where he was responsible for exponential growth of the agency and launching its European footprint in Cambridge, UK.

Eight years later and with a small team of talented colleagues, Larry launched a full-service global agency outside of Princeton, NJ. serving both large and specialty pharma. Under his leadership, the agency was phenomenally successful through the growth and development of talent, clients, and brands. During his tenure on the agency side, Larry developed many new strategic models, which are in place today at major pharmaceutical companies.

Larry has served on the boards of directors for various specialty pharmaceutical companies. He is routinely asked to speak at professional forums and strategic training sessions.

Lee Fraser

CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER | Some people get a kick out of knowing everything possible about a subject. Lee is the opposite. He gets a kick out of not knowing something, then finding out about it.

Lee’s intellectual curiosity has served him well. It led him to develop deep expertise in the oncology/hematology therapeutic area from an agency, client, and academic perspective. Prior to joining Renavatio, where he oversees medical strategy, Lee was Lead Clinical Development Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline. There he worked on Bexxar, as well as prelaunch and new drug application (NDA) support for an oncology/supportive care drug (Promacta). Lee led key elements of the NDA submission and relationships with hematology/oncology key opinion leaders.

Before that, Lee worked as an agency medical director, authoring promotional and educational materials for billion-dollar oncology brands and developing product positioning and communications strategies for other oncology and transplantation brands.

Lee currently lectures at West Chester University in the Pharmaceutical Product Development program. He has a PhD in pathology and molecular medicine/cancer research from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.

Ron Lewis

CREATIVE DIRECTOR, ART | Ron Lewis isn’t interested in design that merely decorates the page or screen. As he sees it, creativity is about nothing less than capturing people’s hearts and minds. His ultimate goal: emotional engagement.

Ron has honed the art of emotional engagement as an art director and creative manager for both healthcare and consumer clients. He has worked on domestic and international brands in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Along the way, he has mastered the various tools in the creative toolbox. Print, point-of-purchase, direct-to-patient, video, direct mail, interactive, exhibit design—he knows how to use them all to tell vivid and compelling brand stories.

Ron’s work has received numerous local and national awards and has been published in The Best Medical Advertising and Graphics. Ron has served on the board of directors of the Philadelphia chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

Celine Darche

DIRECTOR, OPERATIONS | Not because you have to, but because you want to.

In the world according to Celine, that’s the crucial difference. It's the difference between mediocrity and excellence. She dedicates herself to fostering an environment that people want to be a part of, whether they be clients, employees, or business partners. Life's too short, she says, for anything less.

Celine is responsible for a lot of what goes on at Renavatio. She oversees the areas of project management, human resources, and finance. She works with each and every team member to make sure our deadlines are met, our invoices are accurate, and our copy isn’t riddled with typos. She is one part anticipator and one part facilitator.

Celine is a veteran of the consumer and healthcare advertising business—Renavatio is the third agency she has launched from an operations point of view. She keeps coming back for more not because she has to, but because she wants to.