How we defy the typical
  • Don't be shy case study 1

    When you’re dealing with an undifferentiated category and a low-energy target audience, it’s not a time to be bashful.

    With Proctofoam® and Cortifoam®, we looked at these brands from the inside out, the outside in, the top down, and, yes, the bottom up. These brands offered something different—foam formulations, instead of the typical messy creams and ointments. That was the key. Once physicians experienced these foams, they got it. And more importantly, they got out their prescription pads.

    With that goal in mind, we created a direct mail campaign with a full-size product sample offering that defied everything gastroenterologists might expect to arrive in their office mail. And the bottom line? The response rate for demonstration samples exceeded 88% and sales increased by 32% in the 90 days following the mailer.

  • Blow 'em away case study 2

    As the first and only combination nasal spray for the treatment of seasonal allergies, Dymista® was a big deal! It deserved a big, bold campaign that wouldn’t just stand out in this crowded market…it would set Dymista apart.

    Our team got to work and delivered an iconic, instantly memorable campaign that defied the typical “frolic in the fields” approach to allergy treatment advertising.

    And it really did blow ‘em away. From a database of the top 100 campaigns based on stopping power, believability, uniqueness, and message impact…the Dymista campaign ranked in the top 5!

  • Set the stage by recognizing the relevant case study 3

    Generating prelaunch excitement for Dymista® at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Meeting was the kind of challenge we welcome. Acquiring that sought-after share of voice in a saturated market was going to require tactics that truly connected with the customer.

    We zeroed in on the key element that unites allergists and yet sets them apart: the allergens their patients struggle against each day. An interactive experience was developed that allowed doctors to select from a list of nationwide allergens to create a customized poster for their practice featuring the allergens most common to their region.

    By conveying a real understanding of their world, interest for Dymista was piqued among the allergy specialists in attendance.

  • Visually define what matters most case study 4

    When you have to uniquely describe a late entrant to a crowded market from a purely scientific perspective, you have to view the competition differently. Carving out a unique and differentiating commercial opportunity for a new molecule can be quite the challenge. It requires looking at these molecules from every possible perspective: Receptor subtype? Specific vs promiscuous? Potent vs less potent? Which indication?

    At Renavatio, we pride ourselves on combining scientific perspective with a highly creative approach that enables us to develop communications that are clear, concise, and visually compelling. We provide our clients with visual tools that help them define whitespace and opportunity, and avoid repeating what had been done with limited success previously.